The Bathroom Song

At quarter to seven I take my baby down the hall to his nursery, close the door, sink into the nursing chair and we both enjoy the silence. Till ten to seven. Then comes the song. My two-year old makes her way down the hall singing made-up songs with her arms trailing the walls and floating around her head. The procession is long… and loud… and very distracting to babies. She makes her way to the bathroom.
The nursery abuts the washroom.
The following then occurs:
Ten “I’m all done mom!”‘s
One wipe
Eight flushes; the water struggling to refill the tank
One “that’s enough flushing Elise!”
The ramming of the stool against the counter
The soap pump squeak squeak squeaking
The tap blasting for far too long….
“ELISE!” I scream from my rocking chair “turn off the water and get out of the bathroom!”
With a screech of the stool the song fades off down the hall. I sigh. Samuel relaxes, and I peacefully nurse my little one to sleep.
Guess it’s our own kind of lullaby.

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