Indoor Pool

Standing in their new kiddy-pool (that they’d pumped up the night before), the sky opened up and rained. My kids stood there in their suits, close to tears, as the water around their ankles bubbled with rain drops.
“You’ll just have to wait for tomorrow, when it’s sunny, ” I called from the back step.
But they’d just raced thru breakfast and changed straight from pajamas to swimsuits.
They’d waited patiently for it to reach the “fill” line!
And hadn’t they gone to bed the night before awaiting sleep so that the morning would come bringing pool fun?
Waiting for “tomorrow” was too hard.
So I got Jonas to grab me a towel, dried out the pool, and plunked it in the living room.
It might not have been a very good swimming day, but it was a great indoor pool day.
They filled it with blankets, pillows, teddies and books; and played the rainy day away.


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