Our Dog Baby

When I was pregnant with my third there was a push from my husband and 2 children to get a dog. I explained to them all that I was brewing the very best pet they could ask for, and that I wasn’t going to chase, potty train, and pick up poop after BOTH:
The baby AND a dog.
So our son Samuel was born in January, and as a newborn, wasn’t a very fun pet. The kids were a bit disappointed.
But now he’s 8months old and all the fun I said he’d be.
Our little chubby Puppy.

He chews on absolutely EVERYTHING

He crawls around with his tongue hanging out, chases things you throw, and comes when you excitedly call him.


He eats EVERYTHING. Table scraps, books, flowers, bugs…

He’s sad to see you go to work and excited when you get home. He also whines to get out, poops in his diaper in the yard then whines to get back in.

He likes to hang his head out the truck window

The kids can snuggle him; he chews on their noses and leaves slobber.
They try to pick him up and move him to where they want him, but like a dog he’s too heavy so he gets that “my arms and neck are going to get ripped off look” and worried brow. He also never stays where you want him to.
And Mom gets to clean up lots of poop.
All around I think my family’s got themselves the very best pet. Sammy.IMG_0039
and the best part? It’s only for a short fun time, till he grows up.
THEN we’ll talk about getting a dog.

6 thoughts on “Our Dog Baby

  1. Wonderfully done. Couldn’t have said it better. So proud of you for sticking to your guns and saying the truth so clearly. Very reasons we never had a dog. Love you so much. Mom

  2. I agree with heather. It would make a great children’s book just as it is. You might have to change it to a brother or sister s perspective but even the photos are great.

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