Feelin Fallish

I swore I wouldn’t turn on the heat till October.
However today, September 27th, was crisp.
I found myself still wearing my jacket at lunch- which was soup.
I had to put a heat pack in my baby’s sleep sack at nap.
When the kids came home from school they didn’t want to leave their warm blankets on the couch.
And I took on my seasonal position as the Slipper/Sweater Police.
So today I lit our first fire of the season in our kitchen.

Found a season greeting from my husband.

Watched the kids all play games by the kitchen fire…

(Well all but this snotty nosed hooded creature; who was given only a spectators pass.)

And gave the season some thought.
Fires, Hunting, Board Games, Fuzzy Sleepers.
Blankets, Runny noses, Slippers, Milk & Cookies, Soup.
Yep today was feelin Fallish.

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