What He Said

Did my annual cleaning of my junk drawer in the kitchen today and found a scrap of paper from two years ago between a stack of warranties.
It read:
Dad: “What do Elephants eat?”
Jonas: ” Donuts. Nuts, Squirrels, and little tinny tinny ants.”
Dad: “What do Tigers eat?”
Jonas: “Little tinny tinny pieces of Squirrel.”

I really miss all fantastic things Jonas said at age two. Even age 3. I felt like I could write down nearly everything that came from his mouth, he was just so funny!
Here is a little snippet I wrote Feb 7th 2012 as the change was happening:

“No more rides in the alligator. That’s what happens when your baby grows up; they learn how to say things right. Today when Jonas asked if we could ride in the alligator and I told him it’s an ele-v-ator, he got it. First try.
I still miss ferkle. Jonas looks at me like I’m loosing it when I still sometimes say it instead of Careful.
No more nakes, or oovies.
And where are the woodles in my soup? Turned to Noodles.
But he still puts things in Lions not lines, and Swippers on his little toes in the morning. And then it will be Elise Marie’s turn.”

I find myself missing him these days as he says lots of his clever things to another Lady… His Kindergarten teacher.
Sigh, my little one is growing up.

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