Repairing for Royaly

Crown repairs is now amongst my many job specifications. No training required. It was a crash course.
In general my kids go straight to Dad when something breaks. That’s simply because mom fixes everything with tape.
A lot of tape.
But Dad wasn’t home. And Royalty can’t go around without their crown.
I also felt a tad guilty…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          After all It was my big foot that separated shiny plastic from sparkly purple jewels in one big


Even though I felt justified in the fact that I’m forever warning my children not to leave their toys lying on the ground or they will get broken… The little princess tucked beneath my crusty adult exterior cried out as the little purple crown broke.
So putting aside the horrific white masking tape, and the hot glue gun I got out crafting wire.
That’s right, I use to actually craft.
I fixed that crown. Good and strong.
Now I have a back up trade in case my career as Mac-n-Cheese-Maker-Diper-Changer-Snot-Wiping-Booboo-Kisser falls thru.

It’s hard to see the quality of my work when it’s on your head. But it’s lookin good.

Getting a little closer now, but Wow that heart Jewel is so distracting! I certainly can’t tell it was crushed.

So intricate.

Customer pleased.

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