Sammy Reads a Book

My baby is One in a week.
Today my 5 year-old wanted us to read one of Sammy’s books with him.
It went something like this:

First page flips by real fast. So fast Mommy barely gets the words in.
Second page gets a two fist-ed grip and goes in for the taste test. Slobber.
Third page has the makings of a great hat. Brother and sister think this is really funny, so I smile and keep the book up there for a while.
Fourth page- Enough! How many pages are there? Close the book. It won’t close- there’s chubby fingers in there.
Closed Cover gets a good scratch. Because I can, it’s one of my skills.
Then I slide out from under the book, Mom’s holding, off the couch. Wait…
I want back on.

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