With Spring in His Step

Baby’s who crawl don’t generally fare well in snow. For that matter, neither do shaky walkers who just turned one. So Sammy’s winter has been watched thru the double pained window, or from a stroller or sled while his big brother and sister laugh and frolic in the snow.

But today, January thirteenth, it was 14 degrees outside.

It was sunny, warm, adventurously muddy, and without a trace of snow.
Today was Sammy’s day.
Like a baby bear being released from its den after a winter of hibernation, I set Sammy outside unhindered by bulky clothing into the back yard.
He was free.
Gloriously free in the wild outdoors.

He just went where his little legs took him


and explored.


He played for a long time in the sunshine. Then like the toilet bowl, that thing he just can’t get his mind off of upon discovery,

he found the BIG puddle.

No amount of yard, twigs, balls, tarps, dirt, boats, or rocks could distract him.
And so it ended. We went inside. After a small baby fight he lay defeated and heart broken that it was over.
But he’d tasted it. Literally.
The dirty wild OUTSIDE on legs that carry him.

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