Chasing Joy

Tonight, after tidying the kitchen, I dumped out 2 more bins of laundry that needing folding.
Going to my knees I picked up the first piece of unfolded laundry.
I sighed. It felt really good just sitting there on my knees.
I slumped face first into the pile.
Yes, even better.
With my head buried in clean cloths all smelling of my favourite detergent, I was in a field of flowers, of sort.
All thoughts of folding my rest spot vanished.
It had been a long day.
Today on top of it being a busy house work and grocery shopping day, my fifteen-month-old thought it was funny Mom chasing after him as he escaped the un-fenced part of our yard.
All 15 times.
Problem is when he wants to be outside, he makes keeping him inside a living hell. So I got a lot of fresh air breaks from house work and dinner prep chasing Mr. Speedy.
My highlight of the day was when my older two children went to the neighbors yard, I’d just put dinner in the oven, and I found some time to spend with Sammy in the back yard.
I taught him how to climb the 3 step slide we have, and cheered as he bravely tested letting go and sliding.
Just enjoying him as he repeated the process. He never ran away, he was contained to the sliding area…

by joy.

And the more laundry I smell, because truth be told I’m still there. The more joy I find in the memory’s of the day. I might not run away, I feel content in this pile.


Oh wait,
“Hi kids”.

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