Just a Day

Today I got lots done.
Monday is my laundry day, so I worked away at this between my other tasks. It rained on and off today so I was only able to hang one clean load on the line.
Which my dirty garden baby pushed his little hands and face against.
I weeded the garden again today- slowly filling the garbage can with dandelions and weeds. If only my plants were as hardy as the weeds and could take 3 sets of bare feet. Sammy napped thru the morning weeding while Elise lost and re-found her handful of bean seeds. Then later when Jonas was home from school he helped pull weeds while Elise sung songs digging, and Sammy stretched worms, dumped out our weed bucket, and ripped off the wiggling tail of some-kind of cocoon.
Elise and I made a double batch of Blueberry muffins

one of my favorites
one of my favorites

After pan fried ham, eggs, and toast for lunch.
Around Four I washed the garden dirt off my hands and dug them deep into rolled oats, seeds, and honey. My mother-in-laws fantastic granola recipe. It’s so simple, but requires taking the trays out at ten min intervals, stirring and switching tray positions in the oven. Which- really is no big deal. Unless you have a toddler around your ankles highly curious of the oven.
Between those ten min beeps, my older two asked about a water fight at the neighbors. Got swimsuits and towels, left, and came back crying cause they missed it. No, sorry, I can’t set the sprinkler up now.
One had a time out for not changing out of her swim suit, and I tried to put a show on so I could finnish making dinner, but needed a password.
Did I mention I was making pizza dough for dinner?
I got the granola out of the oven, a show on for my older two after a phone call,

and Sammy away from the stove.

Luigi my barefoot Italian helper.
Flour sprinkler, roller bash-er, sauce taster, cheese fling-er, pineapple sipper.
But all that baby love worked.
20140505-202300.jpgIt came out beautiful and somehow unburnt.
So did the granola.

Oats, seeds, raisins, and honey! So simple!

“You don’t mind if I go eat out with Mike do you?” That was my husband.
We coulda ate granola for dinner.

Somehow we made it to the park to play with the neighbor kids after dinner. Then home with time for me to bath my rascals, read stories, and tuck them all into bed.
Elise’s bed time prayer made my day.
“Thank you Lord for the food. And the pizza.” she opened her eyes, “It was really good pizza momma.”
Although today felt crazy busy, I feel thankful too. Thankful for delicious food, damp loose soil, babies with wiggly worms, child songs, I-Love-You’s, blankies and snuggles, clean laundry and dirty babies.
And leftover pizza for every ones lunch boxes tomorrow;)

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