Summer’s Past

I was reading back to some of my old Mommy notes tonight about Summer, and can’t help but share.
This is from when my oldest was 3, my daughter was almost 2 (going thru potty training) and I was pregnant with Sammy.

June 15th 2012
We live next to a tennis court and Jonas has been asking for a while now to play. Finally we got together some balls and rackets; today was the day.
“Tennis underwear, Tennis shorts….” Jonas narrated as he got dressed, “Hockey shirt.”
We were pretty excited and got everything loaded up in the wagon. Upon arrival there were some unfortunate players on one of the courts. I got some crazy exercise chasing Jonas’ balls and Elise, who all seemed to want to go into the other court. Why again did i insist on bringing all 4 balls?? As luck (??) would have it soon we had both courts to our selves and began to really move! Not tennis exactly… more like a baseball/hockey/badminton with tennis equipment. Still, we might need to purchase some sweat bands for next time.
Then Elise crapped her pants mid play.
With poopy hands and warm hearts we walked back from the biggest tennis adventure ever.

June 29th 2012
Like a tear jerking scene from a movie, my three-year old ran across the beach to me calling my name. Only…
His floaty wings filled up the top half of his arms making them stick straight out to the elbows. And like spastic little windmills, the bottom half flailed around.
His swim shorts were big and wet; the weight pulling them down as he ran. To compensate he ran with his legs slowly getting further… and further apart.
“Mom, Mom!” The crazed look of excitement in his eyes, and his hair sticking straight up; was almost more than I could bear as he stumbled across the sand. A smile split my face and filled my soul.
Sometimes joy comes to you clambering up the beach like a little sea monster.

July 12th 2012
Weaving my kids across the beach to take them to the bathroom is like trying to herd sheep thru a rose garden: they get hung up every few feet. They just stand there dripping and staring at every blanket. Little belly’s bulging out, mouths slightly open and a Lost-In-Space look. I call to them like I’m trying to revive them from a coma and they wander like sand zombies to the next group of people. I say things like, “Follow mommy… I’M your mommy.” or “Don’t you have to pee? Remember were going pee.”
Oh why can’t they just pee in the water?

When your chain on your bike jams up while biking; you could very well have a pair of pink panties (blown from your cloths line) wedged in your gears. Something’s only happen to moms.

June 28th 2012
Nothing quite as efficient as a quick pee stop on the side of the road.
3 blocks from your house.
Except. Wait.
It’s poo.

August 4th 2012
“Pickles are made out of Crocodiles ya know.” Jonas explained to me as we walked along. “First you chop the Crocodile up, then add some juices, THEN… you got pickles!”
Maybe we should try making some this summer since… we have large man eating crocodiles in Trout Creek that are best killed with Big guns.

laundry washing

Wonder what this Summer will hold?
I can’t believe I ‘ll have to potty train AGAIN.

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