June Rhubarb


Today while my baby slept, my daughter and I yanked out red stalks of Rhubard from our garden.
Snap one way then the other. That’s how you show the kids.
Big Green leaves in one pile, red stalks in the other.
Little girls are so different from little boys. My three year-old daughter was content just to help today. But 2 years ago, when my son was three- We were actually making weapons, red swords for the army preparing for war.
Wash, chop, measure.
One cup of white sugar. One of water.
Bring sugar and water to boil.
Eight cups of diced garden red fruit.
Simmer ten mins or till translucent.

Baby’s up from nap. His tongue tingles, but it’s sweet enough to want more.
My girls out back with a stick and a bowl of dipping sugar.
The school kids come home.
Muffins for snack.
Thank the Lord for that root, that grew and blessed.



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