Down Right Crafty


Tonight as I tried to tie the ties on my recycling bag, before I drag it out to the curb,  I noticed all the milk jug containers and their colorful lids. Thinking, “surly theirs a simple craft I could do with these…”

A glue gun, clear plastic (also out of the recycling bag), googly eyes, jiffy marker and sparkly junk later; and we were revved up for some bug making.
20140609-215317.jpgMy ideal craft is this:
Cute and creative.
Quick and simple.
Kids make most of it.
Easy clean up.

A perk is when your kids actually play with the craft when its done.
But don’t strive to make this your goal. Kids are unpredictable and play with complete junk, abandoning inspired art.

An added perk…

When your craft is play-able and doesn’t break every 5 mins. Which results in tears, Mom having to drag back out all the put-away craft supplies, and get hot-glue-gun trigger happy.

This craft passed all the tests.

20140609-215327.jpgThe bugs were named.
Things like StarBack, LongNose, and Jeana.

They’re now sleeping in a mason jar while my happy children sleep in their beds.
Go craft it up moms, this ones MOMable.

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