Mix Up

Jonas had a monolog of woes this morning. Mid monolog I found myself distracted by his shorts.
When did he get tight capris? And in dress pant material none the less….
“….and these shorts,” He wailed, ” ARE SO TIGHT!”
He was close to tears.
“I barely got them on and they make my tummy hurt!” his voice teetered on desperate.
At this point he lifted up his shirt and I began to laugh hysterically as I recognized them.
“Your wearing your brothers dress pants!”
“But they were in my drawer!” He protested.
“Well they’re Sammy’s,” I said between laughs. “How did u even get them on? How did u get your butt into baby pants?!”
Jonas glared at me “YOU put them in my drawer…”

Cheers to laundry mix-ups.

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