Tummy Talk

I poured Elise’s requested “seconds” of tomato soup into her bowl. “Don’t forget you have to eat 3 veggies too,” I reminded her.
She put the veggies on her plate, “AND… TWO cracker sandwiches!” She started creating the cracker cheese combo.
“Well how about one to start cause you just asked for more soup and you still have those veggies.”
“I can do it! I’m super hungry!” She countered.
“No just one for now and the other later if you have room. I think your eyes are bigger than your stomach.” I said Motherly.
She gave me that, “what does THAT mean?” look.
“It’s when you eyes say, ‘yum I’m gonna eat that, and that, and that, and…’ and your tummy says, ‘WHAT? I’m not THAT big, I can’t eat all THAT!'” I explained.
“Hun.” She said pondering and chewing on a pepper. Then, “I didn’t know tummy’s could talk.”

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