When I had two kids I use to really like taking the kids to the library. We went once a week, and sometimes more for their kids programs.
They loved it, it was free, warm in the winter air-conditioned in the summer, and the ladies there friendly and nice to talk to.
Yes some days I just needed to get out of the house and chat to someone taller than 2 feet.
It all changed with the birth of my third.

My older two started to take turns needing the washroom, while my baby cried upon entering the building. I would try to carry Sammy, help with pants and messes- all the while the other child was roaming the library or cramped up with the rest of us waiting around the child on the toilet in the small washroom.
Then Sammy started crawling and became entranced by the spinning book shelves.
When he started to walk I tried to strap him in his stroller at the library to save myself from re-shelving the library, or manning the exit. Which resulted in screaming which sounds really loud in a Library. And finally he just learned to kick off  a shelf and flip his stroller backwards, and slide from the 5 point harness. 
Now, age 18 months, he runs around like a maniac, I try to shove books in my kids bags, and no matter what-
Someone has to poo.
(I force my kids to use the washroom before we leave the house, but the library and the park have a special gift for loosening my kids bowels.)
I don’t want to add the Library to my list of things to do after the kids are in bed… but it very well might find its self there for a time.
Anyone else struggle at the Library?
Any tricks?

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