Bagged Down

Yes. I was that Mom crying in Superstore today.
Even Moms that have had three kids, can buckle under the stress of one child.
But It wasn’t all the BAD things that happened at the store check out that brought me to tears.
It was the good.
Because just exactly when I needed it, God showed his love to me in simple actions by two kindhearted people.

As I rule I don’t do certain things at certain times with kids. Like Grocery shop at lunch time. But this morning I was carried away with aggressively yanking weeds in my much neglected garden.
My one year old was also feeling a bit neglected, whimpering by the garden gate with his blanket.
So I washed away the garden dirt, scooped up the blanket bundle, grabbed a bottle, and hopped in the van.  An hour later than normal.
It’s Saturday so my 3 and 5 year-old waved as they watched from the garage with Dad. Sammy fell asleep on the ride, and I pictured him waking up refreshed at the store. We would play while I shopped.
Well it didn’t work out quite like that.
So fast forward and I’m at the till with my toddler having a melt down. I can’t load all my grocery onto the belt with him in my arms, so I strap him screaming into the cart.
My groceries stretch on like the Nile River, and just keep flowing out the other side. I’m trying to bag. Oh GLARTH I hate bagging.
And all the people stare. No one to help. Just shoving me on for the next customer.

But then
there is an elderly rosy plump lady who talks to my snot smeared screaming child. He stops crying as she asks him ‘what this is all about?’. She understands baby, and feeds him small blueberries for his hungry tummy. She gathers his discarded blanket and plays peek-a-boo. And her dear husband starts loading my bags. Navigating a watermelon between two overstuffed satchels, and finding that hidden spot for the flour.
They’re my elders- It is I who should be helping them. And yet…
I asked them if they were Angels, and she said “No honey, were just a bit of help.”
I cried. And smeared my tears into her blue and white floured blouse on her soft shoulder.
The words I had read this morning came back to me

The God who created a way for our salvation can certainly see us through our daily trials.

And that He did.

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