Green Tooth

“I’m still hungry.”
This was Elise. Fifteen minutes after dinner after I just put the food away, and the dishes. “No your not. You just had dinner and dessert.”
“Yes I am! I really am!”
“Then you can have more dinner.”
This stalls her because she didn’t really like dinner.
“Or more veggies.”
Her face lights up.
Strangely…. like I offered her candy. She runs to the table and becomes possessive over the veggie bowl. I find myself reminding her it’s not hers and to please leave it on the table and stop eating over it like its her plate.
She eats them all.
Every last veggie.
I wouldn’t believe it except that she was at (not sit exactly…) the table for so long.
My kid ate a small garden.
What’s this saying about my meals??

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