Date with Sammy

This past week I felt like I fell in love with my 19 month old all over again. Everything he does is so darn cute. His kisses, little hand pumps for fair-well, the way he runs with his arms behind himself to go super fast.
He barely talks but understands everything. He is silently the cutest baby around;)
I wasn’t feeling quite as warm and fuzzy towards him a week before…



And the week before that…


I was beside myself with the sudden storm of temper-tantrums. Tell me your kids never had them- whatever. But all three of mine have a Will like the Hulk. Around age two it takes over their bodies and screams and flails till eventually its tamed and put carefully back in place.
Usually by age three.
Just when I felt I was unable to bear another day with Hulk Sam- a beam of grace came down from Heaven. We had had an amazing Family weekend camp trip, and when we came back we brought back a much happier little boy.
I know… It could be just this week. But I needed it.
As if to celebrate Sammy and I found ourselves alone yesterday evening. So we went to a restaurant together. He enamored all the old people, pointed out the flies, dipped all things in ketchup, and bulged his eyes at Root-beers fizzy wonder.
We went and fed a goat, took a long drive munching on apples, visited the swing and playground and met all the people, dogs, and sea gulls at the beach. He was the perfect little date, and even gave me chubby kisses before bed.
Thankful for Sammy.



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