Caterpillar Endings

photo credit: Don White

Yesterday Jonas tenderly washed his pet- HornWorm… the Tomato Horn- Worm. Squeaking his pointing finger in the chubby folds of the caterpillars belly. It swished its blue horn back and forth, making the washer and his small observers laugh.
We cleaned out his cage and put him back in his jar for the night. HornWorm seemed more active without being covered in dirt.
Jonas had every intention of making him happy. He’s wanted him to go free to see his family last night.
I suggested a few more days so we could learn more about him for home-school.
Today Jonas went hunting with Dad.
Today HornWorm stopped moving in the jar.
I set him free.  A few times. My 1 and a half-year old kept retrieving his still body….
It was pointless, I was confident the pet was dead.
We finally let Sammy have a go at playing with Hornworm as there wasn’t anything worse he could do to it. This was hard to watch for Elise, who still felt something for the stubby legged, green worm.
How will I tell Jonas?
Sammy still thinks he’s alive and will miss “Woa!” which is what he thought it was called cause we kept saying that when we showed it too him the first time.
RIP large garden pest, you will be missed. Sorry you died on my watch. Sure hope it has nothing to do with the tomato I fed you.

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