It’s all in the Suit

You know how super heroes are just regular people, But then they sneak into a corner and put on their super suit and WHAM their incredibly AWESOME?
That was kinda like my “almost” 4- year-old today.
She’s always showing us her tricks, which is why we signed her up for gymnastics.
Today was the day. Her first class.
I cut out the feet of some dance tights and rooted around in a box for a body suit.

Elise wearing her invented Three Braid Special. That’s right, 3 braids, ALL with bows.


She kicked it up a notch.

She LOVED gymnastics. When I told her she could go back “every week” she squealed and whispered the words “every week” like her brain was typing a golden secret.
Then for dinner she led us in a lengthy prayer of thankfulness for all things gymnastics, “every week”, and tacked in “and the food” just at the end.
This little Bean makes my heart burst.

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