Gettin Groovy

Like most new jobs, It takes a while to get in the groove.
It’s been like that for me with Homeschooling.The struggle of finding a routine; a pattern that generally works and guides our days.
But I think, for the most part, I’ve found it.
And only I could find it.
That was the hard part. I could get all the best homeschooling advice and ideas in the world of how each family does it- but it wouldn’t fit our families life and circumstances perfectly. They’d never taught my five-year old, with my singing 4-year-old, and sneaky snatching two-year-old.
So it took some time. But I’m pretty groovy right now.
With a lot of my text-book “how to teach” learning, behind me now, things are a lot more fun.
Also with teaching the bulk of the school work in the afternoon whilst my toddler naps- the teacher keeps her cool a little more often, and kisses that toddler  more.
Some days I just hash out the basics. Others are delightful adventures.
I feel like I just earned a new pair of magic goggles.  I see EVERYTHING differently. It’s all interesting, it’s all something to talk about, learn about, and share a lesson about. Things I’ve probably often subconsciously wondered  I now have a really good reason to find out about.
The inside of our house is A framed. Since we moved in six years ago, I’ve always thought having a swing from a beam would greatly please the child of my past.IMG_0108
One evening I was teaching my children how to tear rags from a sheet. They pulled the cloth fibers apart in a terrific RIPPPP!
I tied those cloth strips together, lassoed the beam and made a swing. It was perfectly unsafe as they soared by the fireplace from the kitchen to the living-room, but drastically exciting. I was in there like a dirty shirt taking my turn. Then I made it educational. And we sat down in our P.j.’s and learned about Rahab letting the Israelite spy’s escape from her window in the tower of Jericho.
The next night while Sammy slept, we did it again. Then the following day Jonas’ writing book asked him to draw and write about how he spends his typical day.
He wrote that in the morning he eats breakfast. In the afternoon he eats lunch. And at night “I get to swing” complete with stick man.

I’m not the only one who comes up with things we should learn. Jonas is always finding things he wants to learn about. And lots of them are good ideas.
One day on the way to the library we parked in the empty lot beside the library and Jonas commented on how much garbage was on the ground. And we formed the idea that we should do a “community project” and pick up waste. He reminded me nearly everyday afterwards as my days were pact with preparing for the holidays and our trip, canning and preserving, homeschooling, and getting chores done. We went on a wonderful week-long holiday (little extra travel freedom with homeschooling) where we got to see Science World! And the day after we got back Jonas was on about our garbage pick up idea.
So armed with BBQ shish-kabob skewers and tongs we went green for an hour. And took care of our Earth.
The best find was the large mans sock.
Since then we have really takin notice of  litter on our walks.

There are some days when my sons pencil falls under the table 5 times during a writing lesson and I wish I could weld a metal one to his hand that he can’t chew. Or when that Math equation is being printed so slowly I feel like my eyeballs are burning, and my feet are itching, and sweet mercy! we are not engraving a tomb here, stop pressing so hard and finnish that 6!
I’m s-l-o-w-l-y learning patience, asking for lots of forgiveness, counting all my precious blessings, and waking up not dreading the day. Waking up with peace.
Like I said,
I’m gettin into the groove.

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