Cookie Monster

Sometimes I struggle with letting things go KID. I had WOMAN urge to punch out 50 stars and trees and decorate them beautifully myself. But my Mom love won. And I’m so glad. Aren’t they kid-beautiful? Tasty little works of art.

IMG_0143 IMG_0144 IMG_0145 IMG_0149

The kids couldn’t wait to make Christmas cookies. After all, they had to wait an extra day after the dough was ready- because the day before little brother woke up from his nap too early. “Why can’t we just make them with Sammy awake?” they had asked.
Shortly after these photo’s, on their last tray each, they found out why.
“MOM! Sammy’s eating the dough! Mom now he has the trees you cut out! He’s ripping them with his hands! No Sammy No! He’s eating the sprinkles off my cookie. Mom I took the tray away and now he’s eating the sprinkles out of the bowl! He has his stool! He’s pulling the tray of cookies off the counter! He’s eating the cooked cookies!! NO SAMMY!!!”
Sammy’s balling his head off, still half asleep but crazed over everything cookie. Tempted beyond belief, toyed by delisious smells and tastes, upset by the screaming, but uncontrollably desperate.
So consumed with want he’s unaware of the cookie he CAN have clutched in his left hand.
“Do you remember when you asked why we couldn’t make cookies with Sammy awake?”
The older two laughed, and TOTALLY got it;)

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