Busy Boy


Sammy was busy this morning.
You know, Christmas things to do. After all, he’s nearly two.

Presents to unwrap, while Mom tried to get dressed- I dashed about my room grabbing the first pair of pants I could find.
He’d stripped a large present clean. Looking terribly guilty with the present in his lap and shreds of evidence surrounding him.

Then Sam caught him with handfuls of gingerbread house- cheeks stuffed with his tempted treasures.

He unrolled a whole roll of wrapping paper looking for the tube.
Then used his new sword to fight the Christmas tree.

My ornaments are up high on the piano.
The “tink” tink” of keys alerted me.
Sammy stood there with his arms full of candles, one tucked under his elbow as he knead the keys.

But seriously, that little guy fills this house with Joy.
Sometimes it’s the memories of the moments, yep the crazy ones, that are the best gifts anyways. And I get them EVERY day;)

Sammy with his blanket climbed onto a neighbors yard and stood transfixed with the manger scene. We were all calling him away and then… I realized how precious it was.


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