Porcelain Experince

The children were silly running down the hall to my “wash your hands before lunch” command.
Then I heard it.
Followed by the pounding of feet back down the hall.
“Mom, Mom come quick!” Jonas cried.
I followed him as he poured out the details, “Elise was being super silly, and she knocked the head off the snowman soap pump… into…
I entered the scene. Elise and Sammy stood gazing into the porcelain bowl with the soap dispensers top trapped amongst its fluids.
“Roll up your sleeve,” I told Elise. “Your gonna get it out.”
We flipped up the seat and she began to lower her hand in. All eyes on her.
“Watch out for that pee on the rim,” I cautioned.
She extracted it like a professional- for one inexperienced.
And flung her hand (and the retrieved item) into the safety of the sink with its warm running water.
“But she can’t use soap to wash it cause the soap wont pump without it!” Jonas panicked from the doorway.
Elise whimpered.
Sammy looked on.
Germs smiled.
I grabbed the bar of soap from the shower, thrusting it into her hands, saving the day-
after all,
I am experienced.

Snowman intact. Hands washed. We ate lunch.

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