The Joy of the Neck-less


That red-head Mademoiselle, with that smashing purple gown?
Yes the one who appears to be dropping her child into a field of flowers… (most likely due her the lack of fingers)…

Me. Mom.

And that dashing young man handling me a box of earnings?
Yes the one with a mustache growing out of his chin.

Sam. Dad.

I can’t fully explain what a pleasure it is to wake up every morning to these gifts drawn by my daughter. She’s four. And her ability to draw people has just recently colored our world.
She never had the patience before. Then suddenly,









Incredibly wonderful, happy people.

My husbands portrait stands alone in that he might be the only one with a hint of a neck.
“Maybe I just have a really big nose,” Sam mused one morning as we laid in bed admiring our wall.
“And what? Your mouth is hidden by your mustache?”
Suddenly I saw it… and how we laughed!

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