MAKE crackers?


I love to bake. Ask anyone who’s asked me to bring food to any event- I beg them to let me bring desert.
The problem is… when I’m pregnant it gets a little out of hand. All I want to do is bake. It’s like some kind of impulse. This want is magnified by the cool wet weather making me want to stay indoors and eat warm comforting foods.
I don’t want to just lose myself in baking goodness, however, and leave my pregnancy at blame for my weight.
Surely you can BAKE savory, not sweet… my conscience told me as I envisioned a chocolate iced soft yellow cake.
But seeing already piled on my counter, a baked box of Extra-Chocolate-Chip-Peanut-Butter Cookies which were stacked on top of the box of Cereal-Munchy-Squares, made rethink chocolate cake.

I knew there was a good reason I hadn’t thrown out those impossibly small cookie cutters given to the kids.

  • Homemade Cheese Bears
    • 6oz of shredded cheese
      1/4 C Butter (or marg)
      3/4 C Flour
      1/2 tsp salt (I did 1/4 tsp)
      1/2 tsp crushed red pepper flakes (the secret WOW ingredient)
      1-3 Tbs milk

    Mix all the dry ingredients together and food process, or just work to crumb like stage.
    Add milk till it’s no longer crumbly and works as a dough.
    Roll out as thin as you want, thin is best.
    Slice or cookie cut. (5 mins vs a small eternity)
    Place very close, just not touching, on parchment paper on a tray.
    In the oven at 350* for 12-15 mins
    Makes 2 trays worth- close to a box of Goldfish, I mean bears 😁

    I’ d tell you to store them in an air tight container… but there is no storing involved. Seriously they vanish. Pictures will be your only proof.



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