A Little Girls Daddy

Elise 2 in her Daddy’s hat

Lately as I tucked Elise, my four-year-old, into bed at night she has had Daddy on her mind.
The first night she was praying that everybody in the family would have a good sleep, when she paused. Gave a thoughtful frown and continued, “well except for baby and Daddy. They’re nocturnal. So I pray they would have a good day.”
I laughed and patted my jumping belly, “Baby might be nocturnal but why do you think Dad is?”
“Well…” she pierced her lips together in a knowing fashion and twisted her hair between her little fingers, “he hunts at night.”

Then the other night she was worried that robbers might come into our home. I told her exactly what my Mother told me in regards to the same fear.
“Well they wouldn’t come up here, cause they would be too afraid of Daddy.”
“Why?” she asked
“Because Daddy would beat them up.”
“Oh…” twirling her hair in thought she looked back at me, “what does that mean?”
“To beat someone up? Well to kick and punch someone. Lots. It would really hurt.”
She said no more about it that night. But tonight as I began to straighten the sheets around her she blurted out, “I wish I could see Dad punch an kick robbers.”
“What?” It took me a moment to remember where this was coming from.
“You know, I wish I could see Daddy punch’n, and kick’n bad robbers.”
She was admit, and I found myself reminding her that for that to happen there would have to be bad robbers in our house- which we don’t want.

Tonight she also prayed for the little Toyota truck Sam is fixing to sell called Rusty.
“And I pray Daddy could get Rusty running… Not like the kind where you go running down the street in shoes, but like the kind where it starts and drives.”
Ah, yes.

Someone loves her Daddy. The night hunt’n, punch’n, kick’n, robber beater, poor truck Fixer.
And ya know, it’s kinda
how the rest of us feel too.

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