Bed Rest

My new view….

20150604-150019.jpgBed rest again.
Only this time (compared to Sammy, my 3rd pregnancy) it’s not in the bleak of Winter.
Its summer.
The birds are chirping, I can sit on our deck in the sun and watch the kids hunt caterpillars.
I can count butterflies instead of snow flakes.

Yesterday, my dear hubby took the kids out all day to help with Dr.s orders.
At first it was very relaxing and restful. I slept on and off recovering from the contractions at the hospital the night before. I finished my book, folded all the laundry I could reach, and only had one lunch to prepare.
Then around noon the silence got to me.
I missed the chattering children.
There was no one to bring me useful things to do…
There was too much time. Time to think about “ME” and wallow in the long days to come. I felt bored and broken and sad.
And I realized just what a gift my children are.
That for all my complaining about how much work they cost me- that work keeps me sane. They’re my dear little friends. I experience life with them.
Moments that rock me, and leave me struggling with change- barely ripple their pond.
To see them carry on as normal, somehow helps me to carry on too.
To remember everyday is for playing, reading books, and sharing snacks.
My three little gifts are helping me through the wait for Gods fourth gift. Who’s health is more important than clean bathrooms, and a dirt free floor.

We’re all pitching in.
With my husband strong at the front taking the brunt of the work. My kids as my elf helpers and chatty companions. Our dear new friends at church lending hands and food. And my Jesus, filling my mornings and low times with his words of encouragement reminding me that he goes before me and I’m not alone, and  neither is my little one.
Were gonna make it.
All of us.
As a team.
And hopefully…

I won’t have to eat another hospital ‘sandwich’ till ‘Show time’.


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