Fat Babies


My baby is a chub.
That’s a cute way of saying Fat.
I have to undo the top button of his sleeper to make way for his chin.
The other chin.
He’s also my fourth chubby baby.

Fat babies are easier than skinny babies.

Skinny babies you jiggle and rock when they’re fussy. You make them hold out till their scheduled next feed. Ignore your aching arms. You persist.
When fat babies don’t settle- you feed them.
They suck away peacefully with their little fist wrapped around your finger.
You wipe the warm milk from their content lips and they sink back into a full belly slumber.
You do dishes.
Wipe bums.
Make dinner.
Scoop up loads of laundry.
Break up scream disputes.
Sit down to feed your little dough ball again.

So ya. My baby is fat.
And Happy.
On nutritious Momma milk.
I call him Little Chub Bub, just as i did the rest.
(And they turned out lean once their legs could carry them.)

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