Little Sis

Youngest to Oldest: Isaac, Ben, Kyle, Me, and Derek

I think we figured the last time we were all together was at my brother Kyle’s wedding.
Somehow we all ended up camping at Chubb lake last weekend for Church camp.
We played and sang around the fire like old times. Even dug up the song Bare Necessities from Jungle book, rattling off the lyrics crammed somewhere in our brains from childhood.
The crazy part? We have some kind of bond siblings do. Past memories. Family jokes. Same long toes, and love for music. The poke- push- Love that you learn to accept as snot nosed kids, and somehow still take as adults.
Best part? We’re all Friends.
From gum chewing in the back on burlap scratchy van benches. To driving our own mini vans and motor bikes.
From being kids to raising them.
Love you guys and miss you already.

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