Mr. Bubbles

Right now my baby is really drooly.

Silas five months, and baby those teeth are comin.
I’ll be eating dinner, chatting with someone, or teaching one of the kids school and glance downward at my arm. It will be dripping with drool and there gumming my flesh is a cute little sucker fish.
He can be found teething on my finger, my chin, my shoulder or slobbering happily on my neck. I once caught Jonas (my oldest) with his foot in Silas’ mouth.
“What, Mom? He likes it.”

Seriously. Anything.

The other day I took my daughter to gymnastics wearing a black shirt.
Sitting with all the other parents, I suddenly became aware of my appearance.
I was like a homemade birthday cake iced while still warm. Puke and drool drizzled about my body. Like Eve in the garden of Eden, my eyes were opened and I suddenly became embarrassed. So I made a shot at improvement, and did what any mom with little ones would-
pulled out a baby wipe.
But seriously, generally I really don’t mind the wet gifts.
He’s my fourth baby- I’m way past changing shirts from puke.
Besides, breast milk smells sweet, he’s just senting me sweet kisses!
Oh and he’s so yummy, squishy, and wonderful. So what if he’s also a bit wet?
His bubbles make me laugh.
I was at a ladies book group and my baby blew bubbles through the whole TWO HOURS. Its really hard to pay attention to serious topics when someone keeps making farting noises. He was like the whoopee-cushion that just wouldn’t quit.

He makes the other children squeal with laughter when he reaches out to them and crams some part of their body into his slobbery little mouth. They all want his kisses, and are more than happy to help wipe away bubbles through out the day off their little brothers face.
Jesus says the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the little children, and that we should change and be more like them (Matt 19:14, 18:3). Although he’s probably trying to tell Adults to have faith like a child, so trusting, believing, and without doubt….
Who knows. Maybe when we get to heaven their will be a whole lot of people

blowing spit bubbles.


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