Day O’

The First Year I homeschooled all my books for the curriculum I was to teach my grade one student I received in- September. Ya no summer planning, as I didn’t realize how long it would take for the books to come in. I remember sitting at the table late at night weeping over the stack of un-cracked books slamming my forehead onto the stack pleading with God to let it all telepathically go into my brain. That I would just somehow know HOW to homeschool.20160220-151014.jpg

Everyone that homeschools says you just find your own way, and that the beauty is that you can make your own plans for how you want to go about it. But this felt like being thrown in a dance show told ‘whatever type of dance you choose will be perfect’, but you’ve never danced in your life.

Then a kind Mom in Summerland (where we were living),with four kids, invited us out to her orchard and hobby farm where she homeschooled.
Out of everything she said, telling me that she did Math and English everyday, with socials and science at least once a week- was the biggest help.

So that’s still what we do.

This might not interest you, but man I would have loved a small glimpse into someone else’s homeschooled life when I started out.
So here you have it.
If you didn’t read already, our Morning is in this last post- A Day. Meet Morning.

After Bible in the morning
we do
Read, write, do spelling, webs, flash cards, poems…. you get the idea. Most of this happens when my 7 month old has his morning nap. The kids tend to do their work at the kitchen counter. Which works awesome for me as I can then unload, and re load the dishwasher, make food, wash things, and escape to do laundry and vacuuming returning for any questions. It’s a lot easier this year too as Jonas, who’s in grade two, loves reading and can read all his own work as well as his sisters when she forgets what she is suppose to be doing.
Then its OUTSIDE! Yep we may have more winter months here in Quesnel, but they are snow filled fun winter months and there is lots for the kids to do on our little acre. This is where they burn off all their energy. Other wise you might as well just tie a whistle around your neck and referee silliness, fighting, and over all distracted(-ness??) and get little school work done.
They play till lunch. Me and the babe usually join them at some point and we often go for a walk.
Lunch. I fear I have a repertoire of four lunch meals. I will never be remembered as “the lady who made great lunches”.
Then as soon as they clear their dishes away
Math happens right before nap/ quiet time. So if the kids want to watch their 20 min show (they rotate turns picking off Netflix) they have to have all their math work done, and (depending on the day) the living-room, playroom, or kitchen tidied.
And lets be honest here.
I nap.
After my recharge I do all the one-on-one teaching while the baby is still sleeping. Or we do projects.
By the way, baking with your children and getting them to do all the labor so you can enjoy cookies- is an Applied Skill.
We also do science and socials here. The kids have different science curriculums, so that takes time. Socials we have this awesome curriculum about Ancient times were doing right now that is written like one big story with projects and questions. Both the kids love it (so do I) and I just simplify questions for Elise who is in Kindergarten, and don’t make her take the tests.
Art is in everything we do. Really. My kids are like me. If there is a project or an art page attached to the end of this lesson- were good.
My floors always have stray beads, feathers, glitter, string, paper clippings, and dry noodles scattered about. When the weather gets nice my vacuum breaths a sigh of relief as we spend a lot more of our time out at the picnic table in the yard.
When school ends I kick the kids outside again, or we go somewhere in the van.

There you have it.
Everyday is so different, but there is the outline.
I love having my children home. It’s worth all the extra work. They are my buds, my best friends. I love learning with them, and sharing in the excitement of knowledge.
Things arnt perfect, teacher sick days suck, and I have loads to learn. But isn’t that part of the adventure of life?



Till next time.

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