Summer Storm


Thunder crackled as we pushed tortellini into our mouths with forks at dinner tonight.
“Do you know what makes that noise?” Sam asked the kids.
And they all said clouds.
Sam told them about lightning and it’s speed, leaving behind its sound- thunder.
I told them about counting the “Mississippi’s” between the two, trying to figure out how far away the lightning was.
Then after salad the sky let loose. Rain fell harder, and harder like the building of musical sound in a symphony.
We ran up the stairs where the pounding on the tin roof was elating. Then with a triumphant clatter hail fell! From the windows we could see water pouring and filling all the low spots in the yard. Water filling our ditch like a creek.
Silas banged his baby palms against the glass pane as I ran through the rain in my boots and ball cap through the yard to the chicken coop. Like Noah I counted animal heads and pulled up the ramp securing their door.
Then we were all out in it. The kids and I.
Counting “Mississippi’s” as thunder crashed over our heads. Only 1 and a half!
Running through the puddles in our boots. Stirring up the brown ones like vats of coco and milk.
“Lookout for the river boats!” Jonas called, as Sammy and him rode through the puddles on their bikes.
Then I slipped away, scooped up my baby from his stroller and brought him inside.
With damp hair, I sat. My soft little chub apon my lap in his P.J’S, his fuzzy wiffs of hair brushing my lips filling my nose with my very favorite smell- baby.
We read baby board books. His pudgy little finger feeling the animal touch and feel spots on each page.
Just the two of us.
He loves it, his feely finger finds the book covers hole and pokes at my leg beneith the resting book. I laugh woundering what “animal” he thinks hes petting then wiggle my findger up through the hole and get a toothy smile.
I never get to do this. Or maybe I just never remember to do this when we have time to ourselves.
After just the right amount of cuddle time the River Boat Captins are kicking off their boots at the front door and are crowding around the book. There are hands everywhere, pages flipping, sounds, “look Si, touch the piggy!”, “Whats this Silas?!”, “How about a tractor book Silas?” and the animals books tossed to the side.
Yep. That’s more how baby books are read around here, lol. With lots of love and help- from EVERYONE.
Then baby is off to bed after being smothered with “good-night!”s in highpitched lovey voices. The children snuggle up on the couch with their new library books reading and picture gazing. Later I join them with the sound of Sam filling the tub for a soak replacing the last of the rain sounds.
Summer evening rain.

How do you spend rainy evenings?




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