Words are like small candies.


“Don’t just fob it off on me!”
My friend used this word the other day at the Homeschool moms table.
Ya, a bunch of us cool moms steal all the chairs at the recenter and sit around a table socializing while our children take swimming lessons.
People always worry about children getting enough socializing.
Peeps! What about their Mamma’s?
Seriously, hanging around the same small children everyday- think of all the nerdy things we could pick up…
Anyways, fob.
I’d never heard of it before. It was wonderfully new.
I love new words.
They are like small candies on your tongue. First the taste surprises you. Then you keep sucking on it, intrigued by the flavor. You try it with a different one and get a satisfying result. And then…. you can’t get enough of it. Till accidentally, you over eat of the same flavor and it becomes dull… and familiar.
And so

you need a new word.

So what’s an interesting word you like to use? Or just recently learned?
Tell me.

Fob is tasty, and if you haven’t tried it- go for it friend.
But I’m in need of a new one.

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