Little R&R in the Washington Woods

Sam and I recently went on a off road expedition through Washington with two friends. The plan was to stay on gravel as much as we could, and explore the cascade mountains. Although we saw some incredible mountains-much of it was from gravel roads too well maintained, and our tires found pavement more often than not. You would swear your in the middle of nowhere and then “Pop!” you’re in a little American town decked out in Patriotic flags like it was Independence Day.

Only it was just a regular Monday.

AND I kid thee not- people drove their side by sides to the gas stations. One guy had like a mink tail flag off the roof of his, and another a dog bed strapped in the middle of the seats- with a pooch perched on top.

Although we felt a little yearning for truly wild roads, ones that lead us into the great unknown and didn’t end in a government gate… the little towns were amusing.

I adored the mailboxes at the ends of all the driveways, the clusters of coloured tin gathered where houses shared their drive. The guys even pulled over to oblige me in a photo.

I felt like the whole trip was a EYE FEAST. Days and days of incredible sights that we zoomed past. It was hard to take it all in.

I really had a hankering for some hiking. Last years expedition left me wanting more. So I was thrilled when the guys took me way up (2200 meters) a mountain on the last night. We camped out with a bunch of hikers who were doing the Pacific North West trail, and woke up with a mountain top view. Then we hiked to the radio tower, scaled some closed off icy steps, and saw Canada from its heights.

It felt so good to not have any set plans, a phone that I only used for the time and photos, nothing pressing for my time and no responsibilities. And to just be with my husband… long enough that when everything is said, we just enjoy each-other’s company sharing an experience together. I couldn’t wait to kiss my babies and be their full time mom again, but man what a fantastic 5 day break. September is made for exploring. Like a male peacock, it dazzles you with it colours and sights. Creation screams God’s name and calls us to be still enough to hear our soul.
Although I sure didn’t look it after 5 days without showering, it was like a spa vacation. I was all pampered  by the Great Outdoor Beauty, and all rested and relaxed.

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