Life’s Adventurous Package

Most amazing stories in life come as a package. The amazing bits are highlighted and brought forth with fondness. But in actuality there were tough bits, gloomy details, or annoying segments weaving through out the perfect memory. Which often can be forgotten in the re-telling of the tale.

Or, in some cases, the tale is epic by such bits. The tale is MADE by all that went wrong. And it’s brought forth dazzling and adventurous – when at the time it felt everything but!

(Like the time my toddler ate poop on a fork, you can read about it Here.)

But this isn’t that type of tale.

Todays was a well mixed package. Like a salad that has extra tasty toppings that out-way the sharp tangy leaves.

We went wheeling as a family.

Six people squished into a old Toyota cab, with leftover pizza and a bag of hot dogs and buns. We left early in the morning, returning at bed time from our day in the great bug infested wilds of the North.

Sure a kid got motion sick and puked. Then sulked. Kids teased and poked when they were left in their seats for too long. The mosquitoes bit in places they should be ashamed seeing. And although it was crazy hot, you had to keep your body fully clothed from the flying razors with visitor appetites.

But it was adventurous!

We experienced the day in ways we never could at home.

We saw rivers, tumbling water, clear brooks, meadows, vibrant hill sides, rock faces, old cabins, and wild flowers.

We saw a black bear, and two cinnamon coloured bears; one ambling along in a meadow munching contently. Pelicans glistening in the sunlight circling over a lake. A moose out for a stroll, and a rabbit in a rush.

The boys played in a stream, and my daughter wove vines into crowns and decorative waist belts.

We met and visited old friends and new on the trail. Helped drag people out of mud holes and up hills. We got two tire punctures, but they were quickly plugged.

I thought I forgot my water bottle at home (it rolled out from under my seat as a pleasant surprise later), but remembered we had a “life straw” in the glove box. I managed to navigate around mud pits to get to a clear stream- and filled up my tea mug. Then with much initial slurping- was drinking cool refreshing mountain runoff from the straw. And of course, the kids all wanted a turn.

The air?

Might have hummed,

but it still smelled of pine needles, dusty roads, dew, sunshine, moss… and well, ADVENTURE.

We may have been all squished shoulder to shoulder in the cab of the truck most the day. But Si fell asleep against my shoulder. And we we’re TOGETHER for the day. As my kids get older I see how this might be a rarer thing. So I don’t want to take it for granted.

I used to imagine adventure as something it isn’t. But am realizing over the years – it’s a package. Of ups and downs woven together in a tale that started off as unknown, and became a story brightly woven into the tapestry of life.

A day of choosing to not stay with safe and comfortable. Choosing to just go with it, let God be the weaver, and enjoy a day of


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