A New World by Tunnel

Today we thought we would go for a morning adventure since the day was calling to be a sizzler.
With no destination in mind, we ended up at where the creek down our road flows under the road. Dropping our bikes in the tall grasses, we wandered down to the beckoning creek. The water level had gone down significantly since spring and was no longer muscling its way into the culvert opening. So I appealed to the kids pleas and we stepped down, stick in hand, into the dark cobweb filled tunnel. That lead us into the secret world of…

the Amazon!

Or at least it felt like it.

The water gushed out of the pipe making a waterfall that poured into a little pool.

Small tree branches hung over the pool and large rocks held in its edges.

We immediately saw potential and although fully clothed- started pulling up rocks from the bottom and adding them to to lip of the pool to get it deeper.

The sun hadn’t fought its way to the middle of the sky yet and so mosquitoes found us in the shade. As excited explorers to a new land, it was a hard call, but a decision was made to return in the heat of the day. (We had 41*c today and we live up in Northern BC! Apparently a record for our town!)

We excitedly returned with a floaty in hand and we’re exceedingly pleased the water could push you through the tunnel- our very own tube slide!

We worked away at the boulders in our pool till it was mostly sand and small stones.

Although, sadly my youngest found a large sedimentary rock… with his leg. Once the bleeding stopped he was satisfied with his survival, abandoned the tears and went back to playing. And the team removed the large obtrusive rock.

I had brought a good book- but never got to it. Because it’s not every hot summers day that you find yourself transported though a tunnel into the wilds of the Amazon.

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