The Truth About Homeschooling

IMG_1261It’s true. I’m Homeschooling.
Teacher Momma.
I had to just get it out there so that everyone understands my posts for the next year. This is a big deal for me.
Like I just got a new job.
Fantastic and terrify. Ridiculously satisfying, and weepingly frustrating.

It changes everything.

The way I view time and everything around me.
Things I’d just do become a lesson. I wonder about all the plants we see, so we learn. My dulling brain from 6 years of mindless tasks is soaking up the delights of learning. Not just learning about the school subjects, but how to manage a house and life where my time is now so full.
Like ‘Wait, I’m expected to still make meals and do my regular chores?’
If only I could just set aside a couple of hours a day to plug thru the schooling that has to get done, then carry on with everything else. But I have another important job- being the mother to a 1 year-old, 4 year-old, and 5-year-old. OK lets just get to the point-

I have a toddler.

10 mins of UN-interrupted teaching is WONDERFUL.

I’ve been reading up on how to train your toddler for homeschool. I was reading a lady’s blog last night that has 9 home schooled kids and a million great charts of things to do with a toddler and ideas of how to teach them to play in specific areas, and with only specific toys at a time. It was all well put. I wished I could train Sammy to sit on a blanket and not get off it for an hour, playing with a different type of toy everyday. But I already have stress attacks about potty training the kid- this sounds like a lot of hard work. Worth it I’m sure. But not now. Maybe never, but this isn’t  going to help me right NOW.
So I excitedly took one of her suggested ideas and created my own plan.
This morning I got out a muffin tin, a box of wooden beads and  shoelaces.  I strapped Sammy in his booster seat and pushed him up to the kitchen table with these exciting things before him.
Oops, new problem, now all the kids want to play.
Elise scrambles next to her brother and grabs a string. Two kids busy, that’s good. One school kid MAJORLY distracted…. not so great.
I’d be repeating questions to Jonas and he’d be chasing a runaway bead rolling across the table.
Then as I grasped at the slipping lines of this plan, Sammy knocked the bead box off the table. “If your child throws the toy away, don’t pick it up, they will learn quickly next time not to throw away the toy as they sit without it.” The bog lady’s words flowed thru my mind.
I tried to ignore it.
Resourceful little Nut that he is, Sammy eyed up his sisters long string of colorful beads. Then you guessed it. YANK.

They’re screaming,

We’re all screaming. Jonas, my pupal? Under the table catching rolling beads. School has officially halted.

But I am learning.
God is forever with me, and His forgiveness and grace. (Not to mention my children’s and husbands).

And although it seems like Homeschooling moms never write about all the hard things, the struggles and epic fails… When you meet one, they make you feel normal and encourage you with stories of their very real Home school life.
It’s hard to admit to struggles when people want to tell you “that’s exactly why I wouldn’t home school” or try to talk you out of it like you did it on a whim and didn’t think of the sacrifices you’d have to make.
I don’t want to be judged.
But I don’t want to fake it either.
I want freedom to write how it goes down over here. The good and the bad.
Like my son praying at night thanking Jesus for me playing the funnest math game ever with him. The fact that tonight after all my tears of him not wanting to read- he read a book and asked if we could read another! Or that- wailing and bashing your head against a mountain of text books doesn’t telepathically absorb it into your brain. And did you know you can have diminished hearing (plugged ears) for 5 days due to stress?
Some-days I’m like Maria from Sound of Music surrounded by eager smiling learning children, and my heart beats  “this is what I’ve been missing”.
And others I wanna play hide-and-seek and never be found.
Don’t buy me chocolate, I’ll get fat.
Give me encouragement, or better yet a prayer.

Hope you enjoy our Journey.