Just a Little

Jonas and Elise were playing together, when Jonas ran down the hall to the bathroom to pee.
Little sister followed.
“Elise, can you close the door?!”
Elise reaches up with both hands and begins to pull the big door closed.
The light quickly diminishes and Jonas notices, “Elise! Turn on the light, then close the door.”

“Oh,” comes the compliant, pushing against the door to re-open it. Then the screech of the stool as she locates it and begins to drag it over to the light switch. She just plants her feet on the three-legged step when the call comes
“IT’S OK! IT’S OK ELISE! I’m all done.” Jonas zooms past his sister tottering on the stool reaching for the light.
“Oh… ok.” the Little one glances at the switch just inches away, dismisses it, climbs down and chases after the Bigger one.