Chocolate Breakfast

Chocolate cake.
I knew it would be bad just making the cake, but it was my husbands birthday, what’s a wife to do?
Somehow I managed to control myself to just having seconds.
Then this morning as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes there on the counter sat the leftovers of that moist yellow cake. Milk chocolate icing oozing out of the layers and thickly slathered over its surfaces.
I quickly thru a dish towel over its glass case, sucked up my drool and took a step back. I decided on a healthier breakfast choice…
Nutella on toast.

Because seriously, how’s one to get chocolate from ones mind upon entering?

My Chocolate-Toast-Taste-Tester giving it a thumbs up

This cake I’m telling you about, is the same one I made in January. The one I was just about to cut thru when my water broke and I had to rush off to have a baby. After the birth of my son, I was shortly after reunited with my chocolate cake.
Never underestimate chocolates power over women.
Men take note.

Apparently my daughter feels the same way about cake
Apparently my daughter feels the same way about cake